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Oh, it looked like Junko thought Officer Brand was the Monster energy drink instead of the Kingman police guy. Sad, that he couldn't troll her. But she said she had more booze, so that was neat.

Hotdogs. This was paradise.

"Yeah! Thanks very much for...the party and the hotdogs and alcohol and stuff!", Darius agreed with Wayne. Wayne seemed to go for food this early. Risky! Food+Booze=bad. Darius was a true mathematician.

And guess who came?



What a coincidence.


Okay, he should chill. Darius drank the rest of the can in one go. Dropping the can on the ground, he approached Raina and Junko.

"I knew you'd want to spent the evening with me, Miku!", he said to her with a smile. "You could've replied to my message, though."

This evening would be more interesting for sure, now.

Getting even more drunk, not in a house, but outside. No loud music that makes Darius have to scream to communicate. The music in this party wouldn't actually disturb him. Partying outside had a disadvantage, however. No TVs. He turned to the host and organiser, Junko.

"So, what drinking games will we play?"

Hopefully Bradley would come. Everytime he offends somebody, 1 shot. Everytime he delivers a good joke, 2 shots, everytime he delivers a bad one, 3 shots.

"What about beer pong? Or Mia! Or Spin the Bottle."
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