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Wayne idly scratched at his arm. The answer to his question had mostly resolved itself before the girl answered, in the form of Darius arriving. As far as he knew, all three of them didn't know each other that well. Meant that the party was catching a pretty wide net of people. Her answer only served to confirm it. She hadn't offered her name, but then again, he hadn't offered his.

In any case, it was probably best to end the conversation as quickly as he could, so that he didn't monopolize her time - especially when people she actually knew did show up. He wasn't going to get all hurried about it, though, even if his mind was skipping around, considering all the possible things he could say or do, considering all the people that might arrive that he'd actually recognize. It was a casual party. He could act casual just fine.

"Seems like it's starting to get more crowded, anyway, so that's probably a good sign," he said. "Thanks for setting this up and all." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder, towards the table. "Gonna go check out the food."

He gave her a nod, gave Darius a nod as well, then wandered off. He'd probably actually sit down on a log and enjoy the campfire once it got a bit colder, but for now, he was content with leaning on the table, cracking open the cooler, and taking a peek at the hot dogs inside.

Maybe once he got in a couple more conversations and had a little to eat, he'd forget about the school project he'd put off for later. That, at least, wasn't a surprise. It was the only reason he'd shown up early.
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