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Can you hear me?
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Oh, people were here. Right, time to get into host mode.

Junko placed her phone back in her hoodie and stood up, seeing… someone who she’d never seen before. Wait, no, she had. Cochise wasn’t that big. Something Cox. Heh, Cox. Well, part of her was still five, that hadn’t changed. Anyways, he was a Senior and on the basketball team, if she remembered correctly. Wayne Cox! That was his name. They didn’t talk to each other often, but he was a bit of a slacker, if she heard correctly.

“Let’s see… I invited plenty of people, so they’ll probs be here soon,” Junko said, thinking.

To be honest, she didn’t expect like, half the school to show up. After all, there was a school dance. However, she still expected a pretty good turnout. She was pretty sure Michael and Jonathan were going to show up, for one. Haley, too.

Oh, and Darius, who had shown up with a Monster in his hand.

“Hi guys, by the way.”

A small wave with her right hand.

Officer Brand? What did he me- oh, booze? Something told her that booze was a Monster. Maybe. He didn’t look to be carrying anything else. Well, someone couldn’t wait to start drinking, couldn’t they?

“I have a few ‘friends’ for him nearby” she said, a small smile forming. “And there’s things on the picnic table for s’mores and stuff. Oh, and hot dogs in the cooler.”

Okay, so two so far. Probably more in a bit. Sweet.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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