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((Darius Van Dyke continued from Hyperventilation Dance))

Darius was walking the street to Junko's party. In his hand an energy drink. Just pure Monster.

Hah, just kidding. Monster+Vodka=Good way of going to the party in a good mood. It also helped him to stay up a bit longer the night. Passing out before the real fun began would suck.

Seriously, Darius imagined it to be a bit boring going there non-drunk to get drunk there. But it was better than Sadie Hawkins for sure. Sadie Hawkins had no booze. America had dumb laws. Besides, he'd be there alone with just lots of idiots and young junior students and just fucked up students. And he had nobody to dance with. Though it'd have been awesome if Raina actually accepted his invitation. Maybe, he'd have went there for her, if she would have asked him out. But here, Michael and the other people will come. So this will be definitely more fun than Hadie Sawkins.

Burping before entering the site, he searched for people he recognised. Hey, there was Junko, the host! And next to her was Wayne Cox. And they did a fire. Yeah, fire could be fun. Darius instantly had to think about eating marshmellows, so he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.

Yelling, he greeted Junko, whom he approaches, while waving his free hand, the other hand holding his monster energy can.

"Hey, Junko! I've invited my bestest friend Officer Brand to the party, is that alright?"

The night would be fun. He could drink as much as he wanted without worrying about losing anything. He brought no really important possessions to the party.
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