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"And if thou gaze long into a crowd, the crowd will also gaze into thee." - Alriech Nietzschano

There was a blonde girl waving at...him? He looked around if there was anybody else she could have waved at for a reason. There did not seem to be. Why him? Al did not know, but he waved back nonetheless. This was weird. Maybe he should stop gazing at the dance floor.

Maybe he should stop looking for her. He did not see her face. Maybe she comes later. Maybe she is here and he will randomly encounter her during this evening. These kind of things always happen when you don't expect it.

Turning back to the refreshment table, he took another snack. He should talk to Rene and Cristo, so he looked at their mouths to get the context of what they were talking about. He put his hands into his pockets. No more eating.

The last thing he heard from the conversation was something about snacks and decoration. Snacks. He could say something about that.

"Ah yeah, the snacks are tasty."
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