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Irene's hand was spared further impetus to sweat and limp and otherwise melt into mush. Irene was feeling about as good as Noah looked, in that moment. Awkwardness, lameness aside. Falling away. All those feels, those were neatly shooed aside as they approached the spot where the music was loud, proud. About as loud and proud as cheap speakers could possibly manage, the upper frequencies of Ariana's normally fair voice pretty much just whistling to the dogs. There were flashes of faces Irene recognized, a hundred names to wave and smile at. Or maybe suffer a blood vessel implosion over- No. No, this wasn't the time for any of that. For once Irene's brain could not meander as it was wont, it-

Okay seriously the decor and the theme were awful. Irene wondered if she could sport it for her next birthday. Just a few more weeks and-

Yeah okay, dance time.

The loud lights and the bright sounds and the tasty bass rumbles, they were everywhere, flooding all of Irene's senses. Noah was putting on a show. Line for line, almost slow motion as Irene's body flooded with beautiful adrenaline. Breathe, darling. Just do your thing.

Like she was gonna do anything else.

Noah sung at her, she sung back. Be it as it may, that the vocal quality didn't quite match with the picture of the tall handsome boy exaggeratedly belting each syllable. Maybe Irene made for a better Ariana, who knew. He gestured, she gestured back, the finest of theatrical moments exchanged as they reached for one another like comrades at arms. Pose for pose.

'This is (blah blah lyrics go here)-'

Okay what was with that pose? Irene snapped at him, giggling in genuine amusement as he gestured at her, smoothly matching every move. In tempo, in ridiculousness, they might as well have been one body. Wink wink. No innuendo though, she just didn't have the time! This was how it was supposed to be, Irene in her natural habitat. No words needed. Just some cheesy lyrics.

Okay Noah was really pouring it on though. Irene lost the ability to match, she was at that point happily laughing too hard to maintain the theatrics arms race. It didn't matter anyways, when the synth revved up, when the kick drums threw themselves into the fray.

Irene knew this. Irene's weight smoothly rattled her kneecaps as she began to rocket back and forth, neatly bouncing from heel to heel with grand but controlled sweeps of her legs. The shuffle. All basic physics, basic body work. No poorly thought out words, no inappropriate or errant thoughts, no failure of social decorum. Just two dorks and a beat. She couldn't mess this up, for once. Spins and twirls and... swimming gestures, apparently. Okay, Irene would take the bait. Fish outta water and all that. A smooth sorta-moonwalk followed as Irene backstroked to Noah's breaststroke, as she neatly topped him in audacity and glance-grabbing nature of move. She disengaged from the move with strong chest and core, and then-

Oh no, Noah had died!

Oh my god, that move. It hadn't been a wipeout, rather, Noah was just awesome. Holy shit! Irene didn't even know what kind of move that was, but whatever it was it deserved all those awards he ranted on about in his videos. Irene's dance froze, she stumbled to Noah's fallen form.

"Noah, oh my god! That was so cool!" Irene's eyes glimmered, she was pretty much totally taken by the moment. Her momentarily graceful form was spontaneously an obtrusion, she nearly tripped a nearby couple in her haste to lay praise upon her friend-slash-not-boyfriend.

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