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((Lillian 'Lily' Caldwell continued from I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder.))

Dances were alright. About the same as parties. Lily always preferred to view them from the sidelines. It wasn't as if she couldn't join in. But she liked watching, same to how she preferred listening to talking.

Dances had the plus of people being less likely to do something horribly stupid, although on the other hand parties had the bigger chance of someone doing something hilariously stupid. Sometimes 'horribly' and 'hilariously' crossed over.

She didn't know what Alvaro would want to do. Whether he'd be okay with hanging out on the sidelines or not. Would he want to dance? Probably. Not dancing at a dance was like going to a restaurant and only ordering glasses of water.

Lily shifted from foot to foot on occasion, watching the dancers as she fiddled with the fluffy skirt of her mid-length yellow dress. She could dance, she supposed. She'd never danced with someone before. Apart from this one time in elementary school where they made everyone learn one of those dances with the set steps and everyone had to partner up, but that hardly counted.

Maybe she should ask. It was the waiting and uncertainty that was bad. She'd rather just do the dance than think about it all night.

“Have you tried the cookies?”

Or she could continue eating snacks and ignoring the possibility of dancing. Both worked. Lily took a bite of the cookie she had picked up and stared somewhere just over Alvaro's shoulder, hoping he wouldn't notice she wasn't making proper eye contact.
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