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Darius had just told Alvaro to shut up. He had just told Alvaro to shut up. It was true then. Darius hated him. He hated him and thought that he was annoying and thought that he was an idiot and didnít even want to make fun of him, just wanted to say outright how much he hated Alvaro. There was no escape now. He had to face what Darius had to say. If he tried to move away then Darius would mock him and even if he couldnít hear it itíd still be terrible. Getting insulted right in his face was bad, but the idea that someone could be mocking or making fun of him without him knowing about it just scared him. He knew that they were doing it as well. Darius did it, Isaac did it; but it was a matter of who else did it, who else did it behind his back. What was Scarlett actually like? Was Ben as nice to him at home as he was at school? He didnít know, and that was the scary part.

And then Darius made the joke about his arms and he legitimately wanted to be anywhere but here. He took a step back, and turned his head away slightly so that he couldnít see Darius. He could feel his hand start to quiver. He wanted to say something back, tell Darius how that wasnít right and how he didnít appreciate his bullying, but he couldnít form the words. Why were things like this? What was wrong with him? What did he do to give Darius the right to insult and demean him? He didnít know. He didnít know and he hated that because he knew that people didnít like him but not why or how he could change himself so that they liked him. What was wrong with him? Was he too outgoing? Did he not sound right? Was it because he didnít have to shop for things that they didnít have to? He didnít know, and it was racking his head. There were so many possibilities for what was wrong with him and he didnít know which ones they were and he just needed to get out of here but he couldnít because then Darius would mock him and heíd have to go past one of the three so he couldnít do it without being unnoticed and maybe once he they knew he couldnít hear theyíd laugh at him and why why why was he here why was he doing the shopping why did he stay when he first saw Darius and there were so many things stacking up in his head and he didnít know how to go about them and he just needed to get out of here and go to the cafe and see Lily or Adelaide or Barry or someone. Yes. Good Idea. Not something he could do, though.

He heard Scarlett defend him, but he didnít notice it. He was too busy in his own mind to notice what was going on.
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