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((Wayne Cox continued from Hypotenuse Murder Mystery Case))

Wayne was lazy. So he surprised even himself when he showed up early to the party, his hands in his pockets and his hair still mostly a mess.

He'd heard about the party from a friend of a friend. He wasn't typically in the know, and he didn't usually care to be. It had just happened to slip through the cracks of his ignorance - and now he was here, standing, as casually as he could, considering how to introduce himself to the host.

She was a junior, he was pretty sure, and he was a senior - the age gap between years had always seemed pretty big to him, like the difference between grades in elementary or middle school. Maybe he was overthinking things. His reason for being here wasn't complicated, after all. He didn't have a date, and he wasn't much for dances, date or not.

In the end, he just walked up to where she was sitting.

"Nice campfire," he said. "Expecting this thing to be big?"
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