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School dances were great in theory.

Junko approved of any kind of excuse to just party. Even one hosted by the school, with all that implies, was still a good idea. She’d been to a few school dances when she was younger, but high school dances? Well, that’s where “in theory” came in. It kind of felt like the big school dances, the ones you’re apparently supposed to look forward to, had certain expectations. If movies, TV shows, and everything else had taught her correctly, the proper way to do things was to wait passively for a boy to ask you out. Then, you spend hundreds of dollars on hair, makeup, and a dress you’ll probably never wear again. He’d be the one calling the shots the entire evening. And none of that was the sort of thing Junko was interested in. Sure, some girls might adore the Prince Charming fantasy that seemed to come with school dances. But Junko? First off, she was pansexual, so why did it have to be a guy? Second, why did she have to wait for him to ask her? Couldn’t she do it personally, get it over with? Third, she didn’t even like dresses all that much, so she wasn’t going to pay a ton for them.

The “teal deer” version was, there was something very iffy about school dances sometimes. It seemed like the expectation was that you’d be attending as a hetero person who can afford to spend money, rather than… anyone else.

You’d think Sadie Hawkins, a dance that was, in theory, less formal and somewhat less heteronormative, would be better. To be honest? No! First off, what was this? The 1950s? Why is the concept of “girl asks guy out” being treated as this weird novelty gimmick? If anything, the theme should be “ask that cute person out already”.

And it got worse when Junko found out what, or rather, who, Sadie Hawkins was. Now, Junko didn’t consider herself to be a particularly PC person. The first time someone linked her the “Shrek is love” thing? She was horrified at first, but then laughed and sent it along to every single person she could think of. And, admittedly, she still watched Jackass every once in a while. That said… basically, the joke behind Sadie Hawkins is that a woman is so ugly no one will marry her. So her dad makes a special event where the first guy to be caught by her in some kind of race thing has to marry her. Really. That’s the entire joke.

Yup, it was the sort of thing that was only really funny in, like, 1934. And she was pretty sure that minstrel shows were still a thing then.

Naturally, Junko expressed how she wasn’t hugely interested in the dance to some people when it came up. And it turned out some of those people felt the same way, whether for the reasons she had or something else. However, Junko wasn’t one to pass up an excuse for a good party.

Of course, she realized, there wasn’t a reason why she needed to party at the school.

So that’s how Junko got where she was right now, setting up s’more stuff on a bench table at a campsite. Yes, no need for the school, it turned out. She could have a fun evening, and so could other people. Planning it out had been a bit of a pain in the ass at first, but, eh, she managed, you know? Always did.

Anyways. S’mores. Taken care of. Hershey’s, graham crackers, marshmallows. Hell, not just Hershey’s, either. Junko liked her s’mores with Reese’s peanut butter cups. It weirded people out when she mentioned it, at least until they tried it for themselves. Then they changed their tune. So yeah, got that too.

Hotdogs? Yup, got that. And everything to go with them in the cooler. Jiffypop? Of course. Hot chocolate stuff? Yup. Booze, that was tricky. For a while, Junko wasn’t sure whether or not there was even going to be booze. She didn’t even drink the stuff, for one. Spending the rest of the evening red-faced and nauseous wasn’t her style. But other people liked underage drinking. Luckily, someone decided to repay a favor when she brought up the subject of alcohol, how to get it, and whether or not it’d work at the party. So booze it was. Done. Even if she forgot something, she did mention to people that she wouldn't mind if they brought other things they felt the party needed, so there was a chance of that.

The site she picked wasn’t hugely populated. When she got here, she didn’t see any other people in other spots around. Still, she had to make sure it wasn’t too noisy or rowdy, just in case. She didn’t want the fun to end because someone called the cops because of noise or because someone got themselves seriously injured while drunk. Or something. Should be fine, though.

The sky had turned to dusk, though. And that meant one more thing.

The campfire itself, the star of the show? About to be taken care of.

Junko knelt down to the fire pit. It had a grill piece, which was a good sign. Now to set some things on fire. She fiddled with it for a few minutes, before, eventually, the tinder lit on fire. Next came kindling. Then came the fuel branches. Soon enough, the small flame became a hungry campfire, just big enough for their purposes.

Whoo! And now everything was pretty much taken care of.

Junko sat down on a log just in front of the campfire. For a few seconds, she fished around in her hoodie pocket for her phone. Once her fingers found the plastic, she pulled it out, glancing at the time. It was still about 10 minutes before the scheduled time, but she wouldn’t be surprised if someone showed up early.

She also saw she got a text.

hey J. gl @ ur party. call if u need anything-S

Junko smiled. Sarah and Koharu knew about the party. Of course, she didn’t tell them about the booze, for obvious reasons. Nor did they know about a certain substance she brought with her in a small plastic bag, hidden in her pocket just in case. She wasn't sure about toking, but eh, never know.

This party took her a good part of a month to plan and sort out. She still spent money, but eh, it probably was worth it. It better turn out good.

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