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Yeah, the whole 'embarrassing things meant nothing because there was nowhere to go but up' thing? That went both ways.

“Conrad. Please. Never do that again.” She said it with a grin, however. “Stick with the, uh, eminence stuff. I'm good with that. I mean, never been called that before. Sounds like I'm some badass queen that's going to crush people with my shoe. ...Although I'm not really big on stomping on people. Didn't bring the right shoes for it.”

She bounced a little along with the music. After Conrad bumped into the first person, Clarice moved forward a little and turned Conrad around, at the same time wrapping one of her arms around his. Conrad stuck securely to her, she moved forward more, dragging him along with her until they were on the dance floor properly, before loosening her grip and returning to just holding his hand.

“Just so you know, I can't dance. It's my deepest, darkest secret.” As if to show her point, Clarice kept bobbing awkwardly to the music.
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