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Haha, yeah. That was quiet the truth Clarice pointed out. It was really dissonant. Conrad had to laugh out loud, resulting in a bright smile.

"Let me try it again, then...Yooo, wanna dance with me, mah honey?", Conrad repeated while putting on a peace sign with his right hand, before releasing it, laughing and shaking his head at his own acting attempt on asking her to dance in a more hip-hoppy way.

"So, let us go ahead to dance, then!"

Walking backwards, to keep looking at her eyes, more onto the dancing area, he accidently bumped into another student.

"Sorry!", he quickly said to the person he bumped into with using his right hand as the apology hand, lifting it up.

His left hand still held Clarice, slowly pulling her closer to him to not lose her in the crowd.
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