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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Yes please!" Noah shouted as Irene pulled him to the dance floor. He began to chuckle to himself as they made their way to a clear spot on the floor. He released his grip from Irene's hand and began to move along with the song. The first verse had just begun, and Noah was ready to show his moves off. Ariana Grande wasn't a singer he normally would have performed to. That was usually reserved more for musicians like Marina and the Diamonds or Ellie Goulding. Still, Break Free was a good enough song that he could have some fun with it.

Try to hide it, fake it. I can't pretend anymore.

Noah began to sway a bit, posing with his arms in the air at the bursting sound.

I only want to die alive, never by the hands of a broken heart.

Noah began to mouth along to the song, looking directly at Irene as he tried to sync with the words.

I don't wanna hear you lie tonight. Now that I've become who I really am.

Now he was gesturing at Irene. He was hoping the idea that she was the subject of the song would be amusing.

This is

Noah struck a pose, quickly throwing his arms by his side like he was making his body look like a football goal post.

the part when I say I don't want it. I'm stronger than I've been before.

He quickly moved his arms down so he was now pointing at Irene. This was soon followed by hip-swaying and finger wagging.

This is the part when I break free.

Now he was reaching out, his face getting more pained as he assumed was the appropriate expression for this part of the song.

'Cause I can't resist it no more.

His expression quickly changed. He closed his eyes, scrunched his brow a bit, and held his arms close to his chest, keeping his hands in fists.

This is

Noah started dancing a lot quicker at this part.

the part when I say I don't want it. I'm stronger than I've been before.

His years of hip-hop dancing made Noah fairly agile on his feet. For this part of the song, he began to step and spin in place, never tripping over his feet. He still tried to keep his focus on Irene as he continued to lip sync to the song.

This is the part when I break free.

He moved his arms in a way like he was doing a breaststroke in swim class. This was his way of making it look like he was breaking free.

'Cause I can't resist it no more.

When he got to this lyric, Noah brought his posture back to a normal standing position, continuing to mouth along to the song. The last word of this lyric had a bit of an echo, so he mimed like he was saying each oh-oh-oh-oh. That's when he pulled out "the move." He pulled on his suspenders, did a quick spin in place, then performed the move.

He pushed his right leg forward, bent his left one back, and held his arms out to the side. It was quick, but now he was on the floor. He found the right moment to do a death drop in the song, and he hoped enough people were around him and saw it. He hadn't done a death drop for a crowd since that amateur night back in Vegas, and he hoped he pulled it off flawlessly. There was still another verse, two more choruses, and a bridge to the song, so he'd need to get back up and keep the party going.
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