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Eyes wandered liberally. That was what had really broken free. Irene tried to minimize the awkward roaming glances Noah's way.

Oh wait. There was a kinda stubby dude over by the drinks table she randomly recognized out of yonder star-studded blue. Damn that tablecloth sucked, hence Irene unironically loved it in all it's 'well at least you tried here's a literal gold star' glory. It was possibly the design of the person she was singling out, a Mr. Rigano. He looked pretty sharp. Couldn't hold a candle to Noah, but not bad. Irene waved, rather insistently, in time to Freddie's increasingly diminuendo croons. 'No-thing rea-lly ma-tters, a-ny-one can see'. Was that in any way legitimate syncopation, no way. But Irene marched to beat of her own drum, even when there was an actual beat to work with.

She grew bored with that distraction within the moment and then it was back to the vaguely creepy wondering about certain aspects of Noah's- oh hey the song was changing. If Irene's ears had any form of self-control they might have excitedly twitched at the stronger beat, actually they probably did anyways in defiance of all common sense. Not really.

"I haven't been taking dance classes since I was 12 to not be able to show up my peers when the time calls for it." Belated registration, but Irene was able to summon a response:

"Well let's see how well those classes served you, bae." A line that could have been delivered in a sultry way if Irene had any practical sense of what the word 'sultry' meant. Something about liberally-applied mascara and hookahs, right? 'If you want it, take it.' Nice advice, Miss Grande! Irene didn't mind if she did. She felt a bit tense about just casually grabbing the hand; it showed with a few joints being overly stiff as she let her petite hand fall into his. Hand-in-hand, mission accomplished. She giggled nervously despite- to spite- herself, but quickly she reasserted control. Rather forcefully, as suddenly she was seized by the desire to drag the both of them to the dance floor. So she did, turning heel, trying to yank his arm from the rest of his body. Noah the victim of drag, in the other meaning of the word. As opposed to how he usually liked to apply drag as a concept to himself.

"Come on, we shall!"

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