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Scarlett realized that things were getting uncomfortable between the three of them. She could surprisingly sense it. Oh, she didn't even know that someone was watching the drama and they came over to her, Alvaro and Darius. Oh, it was actually a student from school. Ben Fields. He was a nice guy who likes baseball and he was against bullying. Which was great. She was sure that they never talked but she knew a little about him.

Then Darius made things much more worse by making fun of Alvaro. Scarlett was not okay with that and Darius had a stupid grin on his face. Ugh! She really did despise this guy. She also wanted to kick him in the family jewels because he was such a complete jerkass.

But Scarlett stay calm and she didn't laugh at all. What Darius said was just insulting. She and Alvaro weren't that close but she felt like she wanted to stand up for him. "Hey, that's not funny at all, you jerk. Just leave Alvaro alone. He doesn't need this crap from someone like you!" She snapped at Darius in an irritated tone and she was now giving a death glare to Darius. ".....You went too far."
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