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Coleen was pretty good. BB had moved off to hug a wall, but she took up a spot a little away from the others. She wasn't trying to shun them or anything, and stayed close enough to still be friendly, but she wanted room to get a good perspective and to try to read the dynamics of the situation (and, being honest with herself, to not be first in the line of fire if it all went to pieces). She was holding her bass again, not because she was going to do anything with it but to make it look like she was doing more than just standing around and thus hopefully keep her out of the spotlight a bit.

That Coleen knew what she was doing did not, of course, make all the band's newfound problems immediately vanish. Whether or not Coleen was a good singer was almost unimportant for anything beyond a musical perspective. What was more important was how Vanessa and Cameron felt about the whole thing. As long as those two didn't melt down over it, everything would be fine. If they did? Well, either the band, Coleen, or both were gonna get burned by this whole affair. So BB watched them, trying to get a feel for their moods. She wasn't having the most luck judging, though.

Still, at the same time, she couldn't help but feel a little smug. Without any sort of backing music, Coleen's words were very easy to make out, so BB could take some pride in the fact that everyone else in the room was probably figuring out exactly why she'd declared the song a bad omen.
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