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Alessio nodded when Rene stated that this was exciting. It wasn't, but he could pretend it was. So he nodded with a smile and a 'hm', not noticing the sarcasm.

Eating stuff was addictive. He continued eating some more snacks. Maybe he should stop. Okay, last one.

No more food he wanted to grab. He should engage with Cristo and Rene. Do something for the evening. This was an opportunity to speak, chat to people instead of just being lonely at the dance and being bored. It was funny, how there were center and corner people on this party. Cristo was a corner person, Al was one. But Rene? Rene wasn't one, but still was in the corner, nonetheless. So that doesn't have to mean anything.

Vanessa. She was a center one. She'd be in the center of the room.

And Cristo was talking about the theme. What does Alessio have to say about the theme? Space. Nothing. He had nothing to say, really.

Alessio then changed from looking at the other two corner people to looking to the center of the gym. He could see people, recognise some. But not the person he wanted to see.
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