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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba continued to look around the dance hall. Brendan made some comment about this whole thing feeling like a dream. Alba nodded and giggled to herself.

"I hope it's the good kind of dream," she mentioned. "I mean, lately I've had weird dreams involving my teeth. Like, they'll be so brittle they fall out easily, or they break apart when I close my mouth. The weirdest one was me discovering that Chinese jewel smugglers embedded jewels in my teeth in order to sneak them over international borders. I still don't get why I'm having those kinds of dreams, but they make for interesting discussion."

Brendan then asked what they should do. Alba took a quick look around. They didn't really need a table, and it was too soon after dinner to run to the refreshment table. That left the open dance floor, with a Pharrell song playing in the background. Alba pointed over to the dance floor.

"I think we should dance for a bit, if that's okay with you," Alba said. "I'm not the best dancer, but I think I can keep in rhythm with the song."
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