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Sadie Hawkins Dance 2015, Kingman, Arizona was definitely better than Sadie Hawkins Dance 2014, Kingman, Arizona. Conrad was fond of the theme, the music and the people here.

Hip-hop was played. It was a great genre for Conrad. It reminded him of basketball. It was lyrically impressive some times as well. But he was neutral about the others songs. He wouldn't hate any song, would not make fun of one of the dumber songs playing. This was an evening for fun and love, not for hate.

Conrad walked onto the dance floor. For the dance he wore a black, satin-tuxedo with a black tie. He wore black slacks as well that were meshed with the other black slacks on the dance floor. Though he did not intend to lose sight of his girlfriend.

He then lurched to the direction of Clarice to ask her something.

"Do you want to dance, eminence?"

He cycled his left hand, he was left-handed after all, with a quick bow.
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