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Ugh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. How did people manage to do this sorta thing with a different guy or girl every other week? Mia was honestly impressed. Maybe it was easier with practice, but Mia got flustered enough when she thought someone maybe possibly liked her. Now that she was actually on a date with someone who maybe hopefully did like her, that flustered feeling got ramped up to eleven.

She had been trying so hard not to fuck this up or say anything stupid, and now because of that, Nathan was worried instead that he was making her uncomfortable, when nothing could be further from the truth. He hadn’t changed a bit since they’d met at his yard sale, after all. It was her fault. She was trying too hard, but the problem was, she was too nervous and excited to just be more… Mia.

“Oh, no! No no no, it’s not like that! It’s not your fault, don’t worry, I’m just…”

Mia sighed, and rubbed the back of her neck for a few seconds, before looking up at Nathan. That same sheepish smile was on her face, but muted, now.

“I haven’t been on a date or anything for ages, and I really, really wanted this to work out great and without a hitch, and I’ve been trying so hard not to mess anything up.”

Mia gave a small, quiet laugh at this.

“Guess that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or something, huh?”
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