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Brendan couldn't believe that he was actually at the dance with Alba and he was feeling very excitable and giddy. It felt strange how all of his nervousness had disappeared in only a few seconds after the two of them had entered. The gym looked like it was out of this world and he thought that it was amazing. A couple of people were there who were either having a chat with each other or some of them were dancing. He had never felt this excited about anything before. He felt like a little kid who just walked into the biggest candy shop ever. But this was nothing like that. This was even better.

Brendan had chosen to wear a white suit with a white shirt and pants to match. The only thing that didn't match the rest of his clothes were the polished black shoes that his father had given to him. His dad had wore them when he went to the prom when he was younger with a girl named Angie. Brendan was unsure about wearing them at first but he wanted to make his dad happy about Brendan actually going to the dance with someone. Brendan had gelled his hair back, but it would remain curled at the bottom of his dark hair and he felt a bit strange about it. However, he really did want to impress Alba tonight. He was just glad that he didn't get any food strains on himself at that Mexican restaurant. It was strange how he wasn't clumsy with food but with everything else he was. The dinner had been nice. He and Alba talked a little about swimming and golf respectively. Talking about what sports they liked was a great way to know each other more and he was glad that they also had a laugh together. Laughter was an important thing to Brendan. Because if the person he was trying to impress didn't laugh.... Well, things would possibly only get worse.

Brendan glanced at Alba as she talked him and he couldn't help blush. Alba was looking very pretty and hot to him in her outfit. He never thought that he would be attracted to her so quickly. It wasn't just her looks that he loved about her. It was also her personality. She was really friendly, loud and funny. And he liked that in a girl. He liked people who were nice at heart. It felt a bit weird. But he was know for falling in love too easily. He wasn't sure if he was at the actual love stage yet but he really did like Alba a little. He really didn't want to screw up this night with her and he wanted to show Alba the time of her life. Heck, he would even do his terrible dancing for her just to make her smile and laugh.

Brendan smiled at Alba warmly and he nodded. "This feels like a dream. But a great dream with you, Alba." He was speaking a bit quietly and he wasn't sure if Alba could hear him properly. So he raised his voice a little and he was getting nervous again. "U-Um, yes! I am ready for some fun! ....What should we do?"
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