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Mr. Danya
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Yugi I didn't forget to reply to you I swear.

Alvaro and Nate can certainly be buds! He probably doesn't have much time to be a café regular, but everything else sounds kosher. Vanessa and Alvaro have little reason to know each other, I agree.

Nate is happy to dislike Jeremy if he takes the piss out of his height, you bastard. Vanessa is cool with Jeremy's mutual interests if he's willing to let her take the spotlight.

Nate is happy to be friends with someone who doesn't like bullies like Ben. Vanessa and Ben could totally have bumped into each other over ball a few times.

And now that we have a new character, it's time to request new friends!

Sandy Bricks
Keep in mind that, as Sandy is in the critique phase, elements are still subject to change.

So Sandy's a fairly to-himself kind of guy who's big on art, but he still wants to connect with other people and has sporadic attendance of the art, newspaper and yearbook clubs. Would like to find some people for him to be buds who can deal with his low moods with, but any ideas for relationships are always appreciated. He's also into dudes, so if you're a dude who is also into dudes then perhaps there's some spark there when he's up for being around other people. Go forth and suggest stuff~
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Hey look I have a relationship thread

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