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Man. Look at Noah, looking all juicy with his nice 'strapping lad' look. With his mouthing along to lyrics. Irene was totally over the spark that set her Hindenburg crush for Noah alight, only nah not really. She could only really blame herself. Her eyes for seeing him, her brain for thinking against all odds that he had it going on, her ovaries for very very awkwardly reinforcing that fact. But hey. Irene had gotten this far without the kind of spastic collapse into depths of embarrassment usually only inflicted upon reality show contestants. She'd make it further. As the yung Freddie so aptly put it, 'easy come, easy go'. GG EZ. If this had been a gaming session this would have been the part where Irene started trash-talking nothing in particular to hype herself up.

But calling Noah a no-skill scrub probably wasn't the most constructive action on her menu of options. So what she did have...

A ) Casually converse until opening to cutely ask for dance comes up.
B ) Out with it, girl!
C ) Somehow slip in a shitty innuendo (the 18+ 'doujin' option though it was, for this particular romance option, a false flag)

"Yeah, I mean. I honestly never watched the music video. It's one of those songs that I like when it pops up on the radio but I don't go out of my way to listen." Like, say, every other song in existence. And then, without even a microsecond of lull in the back-and-forth Irene felt a sudden burst of impatience, it played puppeteer for her vocal chords before she could help herself. "Ugh, fuck it, you're right. We're not sitting in this side-room all day, Whitley. Next song we show them what spirited means, okay? Show me what's up, just give it to me. Right out there, where everyone can see. We finna tear it up, you hear?"

She'd kind of opted for a mix of the three options, in her own way. Let it never be said that Irene played by the rules. Irene crossed her arms and grunted, staring her dance-partner-to-be (hopefully, after that performance) straight in the eye. For like a second, then the eyes started to idly wander.

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