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Giggle for giggle, law of equivalent exchange and all. Wait. Was that the actual scientific name or the FMA reference?

But yeah, Irene dumbly let the laughs and such loose, let them rattle her chest. So there was something else she didn't know. Typical, nothing to be surprised at there. So Abby had two dads. Dads squared. Double the father figures, double the fun. Huh. Irene barely had one father figure, and Abby here was pretty much swimming in them. Maybe that's why she was the cool one?

"Oooh, okay. So I guess we share opinions politically, then." The breath used on that sentence could probably have been used in a more constructive and less repetitive manner. "There probably are LGBT conservatives, I mean I wouldn't know off the top of my head." It was something that just couldn't be easily found, as far as Irene was concerned. Like the lost colony of Roanoke. Like the Higgs Boson. Wait, hadn't they found that one? Irene hadn't exactly payed the most attention to those particular developments... Like Dariuses' copy of Mario Kart. No, hold on. At some point Irene had totally bungled the simile. Something about conservatism. Maybe it had been her aborted attempt at a critique of Reaganomics. However that slotted into the conversation at hand.

"I mean... yeah, I agree. I dunno how else I can say that more eloquently. Like, essentially. Fuck the people who stand in the way of basic human decency." Irene's leg had started to twitch. Restlessness was slowly kneading it's familiar tingly touch into her thighs. Twitch. Twitch. "Like okay, I've seen a lot about it on Tumblr and all. Human sexuality and gender are far more than just a two-for-two sorta deal. You get all this stuff in between, and people shouldn't be railed on for living the lives they want. For railing the people they want." Twitchy-twitch. "I mean, as long as it's all consensual and follows the Geneva Convection. Convection? Wow."

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