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Darius said something and judging by the blank faces and awkward smiles it had fallen flat. Pretty much in character.

But then two of the three had somehow noticed him. Discrete eyes be damned. At least Ben could stop pretending he had any faith in the store tunes. He raised his hand, a single sharp wave, and began to wheel his cart over. About as quickly as he needed to be sure he didn't miss another killer line. Would have been a tragedy. Just check out the heads of lettuce, those were looking real nice and crisp through the plastic. Maybe some of those shriveled up mushrooms that looked like the next coming of the Cheryl's 'incident', those would-

Okay. He couldn't exaggerate this shit out too long, that would be rude to Alvaro and his lady friend (?).

"Hey guys." No names since he didn't have the girl's on retainer. Just an easy and distantly kind smile and a couple of nods each. The mood was definitely tense in a vaguely pathetic kind of way, and Ben wondered how his appearance was going to change that. If at all. "If we're forming some kind of study club here I'm down to mooch off whoever the smart one is." With any luck nobody was actually going to take that one seriously, but with the characters assembled the possibility was unfortunately real. Ben tucked his cart's worth of vittles out of the way, somewhere in plain sight. Gotta show off those Cheerios.
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