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“...No we weren’t?” Alvaro had no idea what Darius was talking about. Darius just kinda came up to him while he was shopping and tried bothering him, they didn’t choose to do… whatever he said they were doing together. Was this another way of mocking Alvaro? Was this a joke or something he shared between himself and Scarlett? He didn’t really interact with them much in school, so it was entirely possible that they were super close friends or something. He hoped that wasn’t the case. If the person he thought was going to help him out here was actually in on the joke that would make getting away from Darius that much harder.

But apparently Scarlett wasn’t in on the joke. She apparently had no idea what Darius meant. Of course it was still possible that this was a trap meant to lull Alvaro into a sense of false security, but that seemed unlikely. Well, Scarlett was smart enough to think of that, but… he didn’t know. He didn’t want to insult Darius, but there was something about him that made Alvaro doubt his abilities. He wasn’t dumb, or anything, but Alvaro didn’t know. There was a word that he could use but it just wasn’t coming to his mind.

He looked and turned his head between the two until he noticed someone hanging out near the zucchini. Hey, another person he knew from school! Ben was someone he shared a few classes with, and the fact that he was on the anti-bullying committee meant that he could be trusted. He also came to the cafe with his sister, occasionally! He didn’t talk to Alvaro much, but his association with his sister (who wanted Alvaro to teach her how to play chess, not the best way to learn it, but Alvaro still liked it nonetheless) meant that he could pretty easily be called a friend. He called out from where he was.

“Hey, Ben!”
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