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Well that had been… enlightening.

Astrid watched Penelope go, mind working at its usual million miles per hour pace, face practically unreadable. It was actually quite a shame, really. She had been, dare she say it, enjoying talking with the other girl. It had been quite fascinating, really. Their views on the world couldn’t be less alike, and yet, miraculously, it hadn’t devolved into a screaming match. Maybe this day could still be salvaged.

She didn’t hold a grudge against Penelope for leaving, either. She hadn’t known the girl had a boyfriend; after all, this was pretty much the first time the two of them had talked to any great length. Astrid did know how drastically your schedule had to change when you were in a relationship, though. Fair play to Penelope for keeping it up. To Astrid, it was simply another unappealing facet of dating that drove her away from the whole idea. Still, she wasn’t petty; you could do whatever the fuck you wanted in terms of relationships, so long as it didn’t directly piss her off.

Yeah. Astrid was pretty confident she could say she liked Penelope.

This other girl, however…

Astrid was absolutely certain she wasn’t going to get anything interesting out of her. She probably blindly assumed that Astrid knew her name off by heart, for a start, and any other attempts at conversation had been spectacularly unspectacular. And as for this food, for lack of a better term… well, there really wasn’t anything keeping her here anymore.

Astrid stood up, carefully sliding her chair back under the table, not even sparing a second glance at the other girl. Well, today had certainly perked up a little bit. Hopefully it’d stay that way until it was time to leave.

Odds were, Astrid was going to get into another argument within the hour.

(Astrid Tate continued in The Dynamo of Volition))


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