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((Noah Whitley continued from Dance or Die))

Noah mouthed along to the song playing. He loved Queen, and hearing them at a high school dance was something he never expected but felt blessed for. Everything about Queen was so cool and endearing, and he found Freddie Mercury to be one of his idols. Granted, it did seem out of the ordinary compared to what else was probably going to be on the playlist, and if it was supposed to be a slow dance song, he didn't know if that was the best choice. He decided to enjoy the song and let it remind him that the music selection wasn't entirely bad.

What was entirely bad was the current moment. He and Irene were off to the side of the dance room and were just standing around. It wasn't what he had in mind, but he felt slightly guided there by Irene. The night had been fine so far. They had a nice dinner before the dance. Irene was pretty quick to eat, which meant Noah had a little more time to carefully eat his Steak Diane. While not much else came out of it, at least no one had any glass smashed over their head.

Noah had taken extra care of his appearance. He was wearing a black dress shirt with a white tie. He was also wearing black pants and white suspenders. It was a strange look, but he kind of found the suspenders attractive in a Night Porter kind of way. Aside from that, his hair was neatly combed, and his face had a light amount of makeup on, light enough to cover his five o' clock shadow but not be notable to Irene. He knew Irene could raise a fit if he dressed too out there for tonight, so he was confident she wouldn't be annoyed with this look.

Irene questioned why Bohemian Rhapsody was being played and how they could dance to it.

"Yeah, Bohemian Rhapsody's more of a lip-sync kind of song. That's why the music video was almost entirely close-ups," Noah said.

"Still, maybe the next song will have something that's more...I dunno...spirited."
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