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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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((Irene Djezari continued from Dance Or Die))

Is this the real life...? Is this just Fanta sea...?

Yes, Irene knew her second grade funnies.

Irene herself, she actually looked pretty good. Like if she had come to school like this on a regular basis she'd probably have ended up going to this dance with someone other than a person who wasn't even attracted to her. Sure, she'd spared a bit of time in the preceding two days to daydream schoolgirl fantasies to the contrary, but at the end of the day this was all just a friendly dance off. Pants on. Pants off for Irene though, she'd gone for the good old dress. Something expensive and somewhere between several shades of blue and gold, sleeveless and teasing at her ankles. Her hair was straight ironed into a drizzle of golden bangs. Trainers because Irene didn't dance easy, but they were at least clean and fresh. An off-white flower had been pinned to her chest by a disturbingly proud mother. 'Oh sweetie, you're finally becoming a heartbreaker! Just like I knew you would!'. Yeesh.

"So how does someone dance to Bohemian Rhapsody anyways? Like I can only imagine a particularly contrived ballet number but I'm sorry to say I don't quite have pirouettes off the fucking handle." Irene kept a respectful distance from Noah, which by her definition probably meant 'still too close' for most others. She sort of hovered near his shoulder, as close as her head could get to it at any rate. Irene was standing pretty. Dinner had gone well, she'd managed to maintain a low-key conversation and amuse herself with the inevitable back-and-forth of quips. Her's probably hadn't been that good but still, she'd tried. Noah probably had gotten an eyeful of how... bestial Irene's consumptive style was. She didn't eat her food as much as she absorbed it through her skin. At one point she'd been arbitrarily stabbing her meal with a knife in a rather violent manner less like cutting and more like-

Oh hey, they had Fanta at the refreshments table.

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