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"She is the best!", Conrad stated with a loud, but short laugh until redirecting his attention from going to prom with his girlfriend to Emma's plan on Prom. She will ask somebody, a friend. If Conrad had not already a partner, he probably would have offered to go with her. But he had one already, so he could not help, really. Except maybe he could suggest her to go with somebody.

"You should ask Noah. Or maybe Oskar. But, do you really need a partner as the announcer and organiser of the evening? Not that you are not allowed to have one, but you are probably busy organising or announcing the show."

Conrad thought about what he said, and quickly corrected himself.

"Uh, maybe not. I think you should actually relax that evening. You don't have to work hard there. You have done enough work already organising the things. That evening should be a stressless one for you. Good work should be rewarded with a break from work. A short, relieving vacation from your hard council work, so to say."
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