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Alba's mouth slowly opened as she walked into the dance hall. What was once the gym was now what Alba imagined was the kind of party that would be held in a high school on Mars in the year 3000. Well, at least if they didn't have much money, that is. Regardless, Alba was still really excited to be here. It was her first major dance in high school, and she was ready to have a fun evening.

The preparations for the dance were handled somewhat smoothly. Alba found an inexpensive and cute burgundy colored dress that reached her knees, allowing her to really move along with the rhythm if she wanted. Plus, it was really fun to twirl in. Tonight was one of the rare times she wore her hair down, and her mom helped curl the ends and pinned a barrette in her hair. Her jewelry was also fairly cheap, but tasteful, with small earrings and a simple silver necklace that used to belong to her grandmother. She couldn't afford anything super expensive for tonight, but this was a good look for her based on how economical she managed to be.

Dinner was also cheap. She and Brendan went out to a local Mexican restaurant, one that wouldn't cost too much for the both of them. It had been a nice dinner out. She made sure to be careful as she ate, knowing it'd be death if she got any refried beans on her dress. Alba also wanted the dinner to be the start of a good talk with Brendan. She remembered how he asked if they were going as boyfriend and girlfriend tonight, and while it was too soon to say whether she wanted to date him or not, she wanted to at least see if tonight was the kind of time they'd have if they dated after the dance.

So, Alba walked in as the music changed to some dance song she didn't recognize. She let out a slight chuckle.

"Wow, I can't believe we're here," Alba said to Brendan. "Are you ready to have fun?"
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