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Vanessa folded her arms as Coleen finished her warm-ups. She knew that Cams was side-eyeing her in between giving her new pet project all the happy go-for-it smiles, and BB wasn’t doing much to hide her anxious feelings either. The air really had grown as tense as it had been in a long time.

Again, that was obviously Coleen’s fault.

She did take Vanessa by surprise when she pushed her hair back, putting her messed up face on full display. Seeing the burn clearly for the first time like that put Vanessa at a loss for words. It looked painful, that was the only way she could think of it. If it was any other time, any other context, then Vanessa would actually feel sorry for her, at how getting something like that must've felt and what seeing it in the mirror everyday must've been like.

At that moment though, there was just too much bile clouding her thoughts to accept that she could even consider feeling an iota of sympathy for Coleen.

As Coleen sang on, Vanessa listened. And listened. And listened…

Shit, this was not the dive-bomb she was hoping for.

Her nails dug into her arms as her muscles tensed, the harmonious notes of Coleen’s performance filling the room and swarming around her head. Of course, Vanessa knew she could sing that good. She was a great singer, always had been, and always would be. As far as she cared, her singing was always pitch perfect.

So why did Coleen have to sound this good?

Vanessa wasn’t going to be able to kick her out, tell her to piss off and then ask Cams just what the hell she was thinking. Her opinon about her own signing aside, she still had enough musical experience to recognise actual vocal talent when she heard it. This wasn’t just some theatre geek trying to cash in on the band’s cred: Coleen actually knew what she was doing.

Fucking Bullshit.
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