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Scarlett had a feeling that Alvaro would say no. He was obviously lying but she wasn't going to push it. If Alvaro wanted Darius around then she guessed that was okay with her. Although, she was sure that Darius said something bad before she approached the both of them. Oh well. If Alvaro didn't want any drama then that was good for her to know. Shouting at Darius in a grocery store wasn't something that she would like to do. Ever.

Scarlett raised an eyebrow at Darius when he just told a joke. She wasn't even sure if it was a joke because it just sounded really bad. She should laugh, right? No, no. She couldn't laugh at that. It was just one of the worst things that Darius could say. Maybe she could just try to be polite to make things less awkward for Alvaro. The poor guy looked really confused anyway.

Scarlett showed Darius a small smile. "Was that a joke? It sounded kinda.... terrible, Darius...." She said a bit too honestly. Well, so much for being polite. "....Uh....Got any other jokes I could laugh at...?" She was now trying to be kinder. Oh, well. If Darius didn't want to talk to her again then she would be happy.
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