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Can you hear me?
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"I see."

Emma couldn't judge Bridgette for not wanting to show up. After all, it would be cruel to force her, or something. Emma liked school dances, but she could picture a ton of reasons why someone wouldn't want to, or just couldn't, show up. It was a little strange that she didn't want to see her handiwork first hand, but eh. It wasn't Emma's job to pass judgement, you know?

No, her job was other things. Like what she was supposed to be doing in a few minutes.

Oh, she knew Clarice. She was the wrestling team captain, wasn't she? One of them. She was actually the co-captain with someone, right? Ty Yazzie! That was the person. Yeah, they both were the captain. She'd been in a few classes with Clarice, and she seemed energetic. A little hot-headed, but energetic. Were her and Conrad close? She couldn't remember.

"Yeah. I mean, it shouldn't be too hard to find a friend date, right?" Emma said. "I could just go up to a guy friend, and... be like 'Hey, do you need a date?' I'm sure that would be easy."

Friend date? That should be easy. Real, actual, boyfriend-girlfriend date? Woo boy. Emma had no experience with that. It was funny because it seemed like everyone else did in some way or another. It wasn't the end of the world if she didn't have a boyfriend, of course. There were bigger things to worry about. Asking someone out on a friend date, though... that seemed easy!

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