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"Mama... just killed a man..."

Rene hummed along to the song as she checked out the refreshment table. The spread actually wasn't too bad, to her surprise. She thought that there would just be some little cocktail weenies, cookies, and the stereotypical punch bowl. All of those were there, of course, but there were also some tiny finger sandwiches, cheese cubes, and other assorted goodies, primarily desserts. Nothing five-star, but far better than what she had expected. Apparently the staff were really going all-out to try to make them feel like royalty tonight.

Well, except for the ugly-as-all-hell star-print tablecloth, but she supposed that she could let that slide.

Once she felt like she had a good take on her tiny plastic plate, Rene scanned the area. People were still trickling in through the doors, and little groups were already forming outside of the dance floor. The dance floor itself was more of an amorphous mass, with people moving in and out, dancing and singing all the while. Basically, they were acting like rowdy teenagers at a dance, which, seeing as that was what they were, was rather unsurprising.

Rene didn't really feel like dancing. Hell, she didn't really feel like sticking around for that long anyway. She was only there to see what was going on before heading to Junko's party. Even though she didn't really care much about the dance, she at least wanted to see what it was like.

Plus, at least they were playing Queen. Looks like someone on the planning committee had taste.

Rene looked out into the crowd and decided to strike up a conversation with the two guys nearest to her, so she'd at least have something to do for the next couple minutes.

"Hey. Pretty exiting event, huh?"

Her words were laced with sarcasm, naturally.
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