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More Cochise people coming to this section of the mall. Great. And the newcomers probably have the intention of trying to defend the poor, innocent Alvaro from the evil, criminal Darius.

Scarlett, defending Alvaro as if Darius tried to get his lunch money. Darius wasn't that kind of guy. He wasn't like Michael.

And did he even need to mention Ben "Spikey" Fields? He's watching them from the back. Maybe Ben Affleck wasn't the next Batman. Ben Fields is. Watching Gotvegetable City.

If they want to play cop and undercover cop respectively, they should go to the fucking donut section, dammit. Geez, was it a donut station for cops? No it wasn't, it was a vegetable section. That's like the opposite of donuts.

"I'm the least bothering person! We were having a civil discussion about how cucumbers can be used as..."

Did he want to finish it that way?

"...eye pads."
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