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Sort of there? It was the most 'there' anything would ever be in all mortal history! But eh, this was Abby's field of expertise. Irene understood on some level that now was not the time to make an ass of herself. Not for a lack of trying:

"You sure about the heart being in the right place bit? It's kinda like most political systems, ain't it? The road to hell is paved with intentions." She'd missed the 'good', but heaven forbid she actually ever get an idiom completely right without divine intervention. "I mean I guess it's interesting to think about the historical evolution. As much as I dunno about the details and all." Who was Paul and what was he writing letters to? "Weird that they called the time right after hell was invented 'post-hellenic'. That would be like calling the time right after modernism was invented 'post-modern'. Though I'm sure some hipster assholes were already on it." Well Irene had forgotten at least some of her early Western history unit.

So Abby's fathers was one of those fathers, huh? The well-reported bane of many a person of Tumblr stock. Irene couldn't really relate, though sometimes she liked to pretend that she could. No need to lose precious hashtag material. This time around though Irene had to put her stance on the matter out in the open. "I dunno, my parents have never really been too much about that whole 'young missy you listen here' sort of deal. I really can't imagine, but I'm sorry it's all like that, Abby. Uh... have you ever told him how you feel about the things?" Clarify Irene, clarify. "That he says?"

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