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I do see some friction between Jasmine and Ems. Ems, as we all know, is also a bit of a go-getter type, but I get the feeling that, in this case, they'd only just piss each other off. Ems isn't the type to pick a fight, but I can imagine she'd get pretty exasperated after a while if she has to deal with her at her worst.

I also volunteer Jennifer as an ex-friend, if you're still looking for one. I can see them somewhat liking each other, but I can imagine something just making Jennifer just snap. I don't know if she'd hit on her (I currently headcanon Jennifer and Emma as hetero, but I'm not boxing myself in on that so it may change), so maybe it was something that made Jasmine feel threatened in a different way?

Of course, there's Junko, if you need someone to piss her off who's a little more... chaotic. She'd find Jasmine both infuriating and hilarious (in that "fun to make cruel jokes about" sort of way).


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