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Trav hopped back to avoid the kick. There was no set up so it wasn't like he didn't see it coming but still.

Full speed head kicks in sparring. If that was how Jerry wanted to play it.

Trav reset his stance and moved in, throwing out a one, two; jab, cross combo to force a reaction out of Jerry and disguise his actual attack, which was a scything leg kick. Using the full rotation of his hips and swinging his left leg around as he did so, Trav attacked Jerry's lead leg. He turned his leg over with the kick, the idea being that all the contact would come from the bone of his own shin against the meat of Jerry's thigh. Instant dead leg, super bad time. In a real fight Trav would do it full speed, full power all the time. It was one of his bread and butter combinations. Constant thudding leg kicks until his opponent could no longer put their weight on their lead leg. What that got him was a fighter who was slower and who couldn't put weight behind their own strikes. If they switched legs it meant it was working and only encouraged him to keep going.

Since they were sparring, Trav was only going to send one full force leg kick Jerry's way. But the message behind it was to remind him to calm his ass down, it was only sparring.
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