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“...Excuse me?” What did Darius mean when he said that Alvaro was high? Was that a good thing? Was that a bad thing? He wasn’t quite sure. There were a couple words that his classmates liked to use that he still had no idea about the meaning of. What did Cadeyn mean when she said that she “shipped” two people together, for instance? He didn’t know, and he wasn’t going to ask anytime soon. Knowing Cadeyn it probably wasn’t something he would like. Another word he wasn’t quite sure what the meaning was was “high.” Was Darius mocking him? Alvaro looked around. Again, there wasn’t really any route of escape. Even if there was, Darius would mock him for taking it. Even if it was behind his back, he knew that he’d do it, and Alvaro didn’t like that. No. He had to get out of here in a way that was natural and wouldn’t result in Darius mocking him.

Luckily for Alvaro, a third person came down the aisles, saying hi to him. He looked up, and it was Scarlett! She was someone that Alvaro knew from school, and she went to the cafe, but he had never gotten the chance to talk to her, much. He either had to work at the counter that day or he had more customers whenever she arrived, it seemed. But still, she was a good presence. She was nice, and while he didn’t know much more about her than that, it was good enough for him, especially with Darius behind him.

As she approached both of them, she said hi (to which he responded with a wave) and asked if Darius was bothering him. Alvaro looked behind him, before looking back at her? Should he tell the truth? That Darius said that he was high and he didn’t know what that meant? Wait, no. If he did that then she’d likely knew what it meant and then she’d likely laugh at him for not knowing, so he couldn’t say that. He had to lie, as much as he didn’t want to. She was nice, she deserved the truth, but it was better for him to lie.

“Um… No.” He replied.
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