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“Cool! Um…”

Alvaro was no longer looking around the room, and had kept his eyes trained on Lily’s face. He needed to focus on her. It was polite. Always look at somebody when they’re speaking to you, or however the saying went. Look at her in the eyes when you speak, and only tell the truth. And that was what he was doing. It really was something cool! So long as it was legitimate. If she was going to stand him up like how he thought some of the other girls would stand up a couple of his friends, he wouldn’t know how he would react. Well no, he kinda did know, a little, in the vein that the way that he was going to react wasn’t going to be good. Still, he had to be hopeful. The girl he loved wanted to go out with him! So long as she was telling the truth there was no way that could be bad!

Then Lily stood up, staying that she had to go. He understood. The café was going to close down in a couple of minutes anyway, and this would be less awkward. He yelled out a “bye!” and smiled as she left the café. He liked her. He couldn’t help it. He doubted that there was any way he wasn’t going to confess his love, one way or another.

Although now he had, and he had a date with her. In two days, even. He was planning to stay home the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance to study, but now he couldn’t do that. He had a date, and even if she was going to stand him up, he still had to go, in the case, the hopeful possibility that she wasn’t. He stood up from his seat, going up to the door of the cafe and locking it. If she was genuine, and he chose not to go for whatever reason, then wasn’t he the liar in that case? Wouldn’t he be the one that people couldn’t trust?

Besides, it was Lily. Even when he felt like he couldn’t trust her, she had never lied to him, and he wasn’t going to leave her alone because of himself. So yeah, he was going. He was going regardless of what happened to him at the dance, and that was final.

Besides, it was only a dance. What was the worst that could happen?

((Alvaro Vacanti’s sadie hawkins adventure, continued elsewhere))
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I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder · Before the Dance