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The jog down to the gym was a decent warmup in its own right, but stretching first never hurt. Besides, Toby liked her routines; without carefully planning out every minute of her day, she never got anything done. Too many responsibilities, too little time management. She did like to hang around with Trav, just not for the sake of hanging out.

Toby kind of envied those that had the luxury of killing time with just socialising. She couldn't imagine just switching off like that, not when she always had so much she needed to do. Studying, the kids... well, actually that compromised most of it. Point was that she was on the go most of the time, and her free time was much too precious to not be doing anything with it.

She cast a glance over to the ring as she dropped into doing a series of lunges. Nice and limber from running. The absolute last thing that Noodle needed was to pull a muscle when she cycled and ran most everywhere. That was actually the main reason that Toby hadn't done what Trav had encouraged her to do and fight in proper MMA bouts. She hadn't even psyched herself up enough to do any amateur fights, and those were ostensibly much safer. Just... what would happen if she got hurt? They were relying on her at home, and even though she did love doing this-


Well she couldn't do a worse job of it than Jerry 'open with a headkick' Fury.
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