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Penelope gave out a tiny yelp when she was suddenly yanked forward into Sam's arms.

After a few moments of going limp, she quickly wrapped her arms around Sam's torso and pressed her face into his chest. Before she was quite ready to release the hug, Sam let go of her and asked how she had been doing. Penelope took a slight step back and said, "Well, I just got out of a good game of TF2. There was a lot of burning people, kinda like logs of wood." She paused for a moment, before looking up at Sam and smiling. "...But that's probably not that important. Otherwise it's been pretty normal lately."

Penelope caught the faint aroma of cookies and sniffed the air, just to make sure her nose wasn't lying to her. Penelope gave Sam a mischievous as she recognized the exact scent; sugar cookies, her favorite kind. "Are those sugar cookies I smell?"

Penelope gave Sam no time to answer before barging into his house and flopping over on his couch. Penelope stretched a little bit before sighing happily and reclining, taking up nearly the whole thing with her small frame. She paused for a beat, before sitting up slightly and asking, "Yo, Sam, you have any soda?"
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