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“Oh, phew, thank god! Uh… I mean, uh, thank you!”

Nailed it. Saved it. Spoken like a true master of the linguistic arts. God, this was supposed to get easier the more she talked! Instead, it felt as though her brain had been replaced with one of those cymbal clapping monkeys, and she was just spewing words out of her mouth without any consideration as to what they meant.

Mia tried to silence the little monkey in her head for just a moment. She adjusted her hair slightly and scratched the back of her neck, smiling at Nathan.

“You look nice, too.”

Well, that was better. Why was she getting so flustered about this, though? Mia thought about that for a good few seconds as she pondered just what she wanted to order. Maybe it was just so comparatively long since she’d actually been on a date, let alone gone out with anybody. She had, however, had plenty of crushes in that time. Maybe it was the fact that one had finally come to fruition that was making her this way. That, and the fact she always got flustered around people she liked.

Shit. She had zoned out for a little bit there. Again. Where had she been staring this time? Mia tried to save face by grinning and laughing softly, even though her mind was racing.

“Well, if you’re sure that’s okay! Thanks Nath.-“

Nath? Nath? Really?

“-Hmmm. I guess I am a little hungry, but, like, I don’t think a burger would really sit well with my diet, you know? I can always make an exception for ice cream, though! And you can’t go wrong with mint choc chip. I’ll take your word for it!”

A pause, as Mia went over what she’d just said in her head.

“I mean… I’ll take you at your word… right? I’ll take… uh…”

Another pause.

“… I’ll have the mint choc chip.”

Hopefully another sheepish grin would be enough to save that one.


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