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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Each step BB took down those stairs was like part of a countdown to this do-or-die moment of performance. Coleen had mentally prepared herself to play for a sold-out arena of four, with her instrument of choice still warming up and being tuned.

"Thanks," she said quietly to BB as she took the glass of water from her hand and sipped it, moving her phone to the side so she could still look at for those last few precious seconds of review. The chorus was easy and there was a big chunky solo making up the song so the lyrics were, generously put, light. Still not the easiest song to sing, especially somebody in her register; Coleen would have fared a little bit better with Heart or Evanescence or something that actually had a female vocalist but... whatever. Vanessa wanted Smoke on the Water? Vanessa was going to get her Smoke on the Water.

Coleen coughed, cleared her throat, took another sip of water and finally set the glass of water down on the coffee table. 'I'll fucking do it, darling!' she thought to herself. She took a breath and threw her hair back, hastily straightening it with the fingers on her left hand so it tucked neatly behind her ear and shoulder just like the other side did. She couldn't have her hair getting in the way of her voice. Besides, being thrown out of her comfort zone and onto the 'stage' was step 1 in getting her singing/acting chops a-flowin'.

'Nnnh nnnh nnnnnnh, nnnh nnh n-nh...' Coleen hummed lowly to herself, letting the beat build in her chest. She shut her eyes while doing so and avoided thinking about anybody's facial expressions. The stage is dark; the audience cannot be seen. They don't matter. The part where she looked silly was about to be over soon.

"We all came out to Montreux!" Coleen belted, her eyes opening on the cusp of that first note. Her phone was also her microphone, held just below her chin. She'd tilt it back every now and then to consult the next line. Good thing she looked these up first... she never was quite sure about the last word of that first line. "On the Lake Geneva Shoreline... to make records with a mobile... ... we didn't have much time! Frank Zappa and the Motheeeeeers-" Coleen let that one carry and wobble with a tiny bit of vibrato. Whoever Deep Purple's singer was probably didn't put that much power into that one, but some basic memory of the guy who covered the song for Guitar Hero seemed to remember it being there so, damn it, she was putting it there.

"... Were at the best place around," Coleen continued. "But some stupid with a flare gun, burned the place to the ground."

Here it comes.

"Smoooooooke on the waaaater - and fire in the sky!" Coleen was getting into it at this point and obviously didn't need the phone for this part, so she let her head swing. She wasn't much of a rocker, yet there were a few energetic portions of plays she had been in here and there and she had considered being Sandy for Grease, so it wasn't the strangest of concepts for her. A little alien, but if there was a part to play, she could most certainly play it. "Smooooooooke on the waaater..." Coleen sang into the imaginary chorus fill.
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