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((Scarlett McAfee continued from A Most Worthy Quest))

Scarlett had to accept that she didn't eat of lot of healthy food and now she was standing in the fruit and vegetable section, hoping to get some food that would be healthy for her. She was trying to figure out what to get. She was a bit of a picky eater so she would either love something she had or the complete opposite of that. She had already got some strawberries and green apples as she really enjoyed having them. Now she was gazed down at some mixed vegetables. She could have that for tonight. Well, not the whole lot of it. She didn't want to be too greedy.

Her train of thoughts were disturbed when she saw that Alvaro Vacanti was coming towards her with a trolley. She thought that he was a sweet guy, but maybe a bit quiet at times. She had been to the café where he worked a few times and they had some delicious food there. She had tried try to talk with him there but he seemed too busy to have the time to have a conversation with her. Maybe now was her chance to get to know him better.

Before she could even say hi to Alvaro, Darius Van Dyke popped up behind him and Scarlett stopped herself from speaking for a few seconds. Darius was the sort of person that Scarlett wasn't really that fond of. He was the type of guy that Scarlett would try to avoid at all costs. Scarlett had many reasons for not liking a person like him. She should at least try to intervene as she could see that Alvaro didn't seem to like having Darius there. The poor guy looked really uncomfortable and it was making Scarlett feel sorry for him. She had to do something at least.

Scarlett approached the two guys with a small smile and she stopped just at Alvaro's side. She hoped that she wasn't invading his personal space. "Hi, Alvaro!" She nodded to him and then she shot a serious glare at Darius. "Darius isn't bothering you, is he?"
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