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Abby wanted to chase this dragon about talking to an English teacher or two about critical Bible reading, but sandwiched in her head between spilling about beliefs and trying to process all of Irene's gamer talk it got all smushed up and forgotten. As the stream of confusing words Irene had blurted out rumbled back through her head, she shook it slowly and looked up at her with amazement. "Gosh. How you keep all that straight, I'll never know! You sound like you've got it all pretty well figured out, though. I'd get so lost, trying to pull anything like that off, but I'm sure you've got a real knack for it."

Now, this sort of talk could be shaky ground with some folks. Irene seemed like she didn't mind too much, though, so when she asked Abby's opinion she was happy to give it. "I'm not much for tradition, as it turns out," she giggled, "I'm part of a wacky offshoot that's been popping up over the last few years. I don't know if you've ever heard of a fella named Rob Bell, but he's a kinda controversial writer and pastor I like to study. Lots of beliefs like no Hell, be nice to everybody, nobody's got room to judge anyone else and we should all support each other to have the best journey we can." She pulled a slightly sarcastic smile and dropped her voice in mock secrecy. "Y'know, really crazy stuff like mutual decency and charity and the like." Someone might note that last bit was dangerously close to sass, but Abby was sure she had no idea what they could be thinking.

Her mind was circling back around just right now, as she stretched back against the tree. "Do you have any sorta philosophy you dig into, Irene? If that's alright to ask!"
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