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Oh Lord, she thought with a smile, here we go! Getting into these sorts of questions always excited her. "It's slippery, when it comes to Mary! Some people say the "Virgin" part of "The Virgin Mary" only matters for Jesus's birth, and after that all bets are off. More traditional folks are hung up on her being a virgin her whole life and reject James as anymore than a "brother in Christ," like all other Christians, and just think of the two of them as pretty close? You're right though, it's exactly the sort of thing that'd make for a great English assignment!"

English might be a little bit of a simplification. To really get into all of it you'd have to do a little bit of Latin and Hebrew, at the very least, though luckily there were a lot of folks who'd already done the legwork there. Still, it might be a little much for a high school assignment? Abby would have a blast with it, though, and she imagined Irene probably would too from her interest. 'Course, some of the more stuck-up types would get fussy about the whole thing, but what was the harm in just talking? It always seemed so silly to her to get worked up about what other people thought about God, as long as they weren't using it to hurt anybody.

Irene had a pretty cute giggle. Had she ever laughed around her before? Maybe they just didn't hang out enough. That could change, though! She always liked making new friends, and she seemed kind of intent on breezing through her Bible. Time would probably be an issue, as she kind of pointed out while marveling at how much time Abby spent away. She gave a small shrug and a chuckle. "I don't need that much spare time, really. I'd rather be helping someone out than taking time for myself, it's just sort of how I'm wired? When I'm on my lonesome with nothing to do, I can't help but think of all the things I could be doing to make the world a little brighter instead, and it makes me sort of antsy. It's like an itch I've just gotta scratch, if that makes sense?"

League of Legends? Abby felt like she'd heard people talking about it before, but she wasn't into video games. Still, as long as Irene was having fun! "That sounds like a great goal," she said with a smile, "get a little bit of that girl power going around! I mean, that's just as important as anything else. Everybody needs someone to look up to, and I'm sure there's all sorts of people you could inspire by being a positive example in the whole gaming thing!"
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