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Alvaro hummed along to the music as he walked towards the fruits and vegetables section, his eyes looking elsewhere, trying to see if he could find any other people he knew. Even outside of school he knew a couple of people through the cafe (although they were far less regular customers and didn’t really talk to him that much), so he figured that he’d find someone if he looked hard enough. He questioned a little bit how much people went shopping for groceries, he knew that his mom usually went around every two weeks, but they didn’t need to buy food that much, and food seemed to comprise most of the shelves here. Hmm, maybe he’d ask one of his cafe friends next time they appeared, he was interested enough in the question to ask it. Plus, as someone studying how to run a business he should probably know about customers a bit more. Maybe study demographics a bit more.

He also noticed that most of the people shopping were much older than he was. Was he the only kid who was doing their parents shopping for them?

The arm of Darius Van Dyke suddenly patting his shoulder answered that question for Alvaro. Alvaro was… not that fond of Darius. He was a jerk, and while him and Alvaro usually didn’t interact much it was pretty clear that Darius liked to pick on him. And other people too, apparently, judging by his comment about Bart. Alvaro looked around, trying to see if there was a way he could get out of here, but he doubted that there was any escape here. It seemed that he had to enter conversation with someone he really didn’t want to talk to.

Okay Alvaro, you can do this. Breathe in, breathe out, then:

“I… probably shouldn’t. I should probably eat a little healthy, being on the soccer team, and all.” He didn’t turn around, mostly because Darius’s hand was still on his shoulder.

“Oh! Hi, by the way.”
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