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Can you hear me?
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Emma rubbed the back of her neck with her fingertips a few seconds, in an attempt to stimulate her nerves.

“Yes, we are”, she said. Her smile still remained.

There were many, many things needed to make a school dance actually work. For starters, you need a theme. A good theme is one that inspires creativity, but isn’t limiting to people who don’t want to stick to it. It also must be the kind of thing that wouldn’t result in hurt feelings. She had to explain to someone why “Cowboys and Indians” wasn’t the best idea for a theme last year when they pitched it. “Western”, though, was somewhat of a compromise. Still some potential for problems, but not as bad. You also needed decorations that were both impressive and easy to make or buy. Another thing you needed was music. Last year’s seniors had a… strange sense of humor, particularly the President. It resulted in some strange things on the playlist. Amusing? Maybe. But actually dancing to it was the hard part. It might be nice to get some kind of decent finger food, nothing too extravagant. And that was only the beginning on what they actually needed to sort out. Of course, that’s what they were meeting for today.

“Oh, a date?” Emma said.

Of all the things that had come up in her brain about Sadie Hawkins, who to ask had, admittedly, not been at the top of the list. It wasn’t like she didn’t want one, though! It was just… who?

“I haven’t figured it out yet”, Emma replied. “There’s probably someone who’d want to go as friends, right?”

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